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Editorial Board

Olivia Shan

English Section Editor

Olivia Shan is entering her second year at McGill, where she is pursuing a double major in English Literature and History. She has been a part of the Imaginatlas team since 2019 and is beyond thrilled to help bring the publication to a wider audience. Raised by Tolkien’s legendarium, she is interested in epic fantasy, historically-inclined works of SFF, and has a special fondness for stories involving doomed polar expeditions.

Catherine Hall

English Section Editor

Catherine Hall is a senior at McGill University, where she studies English and History. Her love of fantasy and science fiction began when she read Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings as a child. To this day, Tolkien remains her favourite author and she is particularly interested in his work and its connection to Old English literature. She is currently working on her own fantasy novel and has a blog where she publishes weekly musings on fantasy.

Magdalena Nitchi

French Section Editor

Magdalena Nitchi is a 3rd year at McGill, who is pursuing an honours bachelor in English literature, the subject of which is Canadian Science-Fiction. Her love of all things strange and supernatural was cemented by Stephen King’s work, and he remains one of her favourite authors. She is interested in sci-fi, fantasy, and everything in between, and is a voracious reader in both English and French.

Kai Ming Wang

French Section Editor

Francesca Robitaille

English Section Editor

Julia Liu

Social Media Editor

Tian Yu Lei

Illustrations Editor